Dylan at Peterborough

I’ve just picked up this great picture – from a contributor to the Greyhound Gap website – of Dylan testing himself out at a lure coursing event we took them to last year. It was organised by Lurcher Link, a lurcher rescue website and charity. The dogs chase a (scented, I think) collection of plastic bags which are attached to the end of a sprung wire which zig-zags across a field. It’s a type of coursing that is particularly kind to hares. Dylan was a natural; Ollie chased for three strides then gave up as the whole exercise was beneath his dignity. It was a good day out. Lurcher people are like their dogs, relaxed and lassez-faire with occasional bursts of activity.

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3 Responses to Dylan at Peterborough

  1. Gareth Evans says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Glad you like the photo, and nice to see it on your blog!

    As a corection, the lures used in coursing aren’t scented. It’s purely the movement of the lure that sets off the dog’s chase instinct. If you met my longdog Ted, you would see ample demonstration that ANY movement can do this. Leaves, bags, birds, snow, insects, he’ll chase anything!

    He also has a measure of Saluki in him so I can identify closely with some of your stories about Ollie!

    Gareth (goon at Greyhound Gap)

  2. houndingaround says:

    Hi Stephen, thanks for visiting my Blog. Weird that we both started one pretty much at the same time.
    I too am a member at Greyhound Gap. I fostered for them pretty regularly until last year when I got Dylan. I then decided that 4 permanent residents (especially as one was then a small puppy) was more than enough!
    Small world!

  3. Nicola Taylor says:

    Gareth pic’s are always so fab!! i’m glad you had a great day out, I keep missing the lure events at stapley water gardens that are held in fun dog show off season, due to volenteering commitents, i’ll get there one day, the dogs have such a great time.
    Nice to see you’ve logged in onGap to Stephen, that was quick!

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