Typical Ollie

A minute after feeding him this morning, after our walk on the beach, I hear him crying, crying, crying, the noise getting ever more urgent, and louder.

I run upstairs, to the penthouse where he lives.

What has happened!

He has got his teeth stuck in his post-breakfast pig’s ear, both top and bottom sets, at the back of his jaw. He is in panic. I have to dislodge it myself then give him a stroke and some words of comfort.

Ollie is the front dog on the header, he looks tougher than he is, though he is not quite as strange and skinny as in the picture below which is some cartoon trick done by the camera. He’s a saluki-greyhound, a rescue, and the subject of the book Walking Ollie. Dylan is the boy behind him. He’s eighteen months now, a pure Saluki, which is a sort of Bedouin greyhound. He is rather mad. I am currently working on a book about the two of them and their lives together, called ‘Along Came Dylan.’ It will be published by Short Books in October ’08.

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